New in April 2010

The updating in March 2010 was my first heavy use of an upgraded Expression Web. Version 3 crashes as often as did the original. To observe this makes for one new page, to add to the first impressions that I wrote about Expression Web 3 in January. There may be more pages yet, since the new version adds to the problems of basic functionality that so astonish me about this wretched software.

Letting curiosity (or idleness) get the better of me, I have also started some new documentation, presently just of a few simple functions exported from IERTUTIL. Though not all look useful for writing arbitrary Windows programs, some do and most are conceivably useful in a browser extension. A few tell more about Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode than seems to be yet documented.

Looking at IERTUTIL reminded me of material I’ve had lying around for a couple of years, previously unpublished, about yet another collection of registry values that are meaningful to Internet Explorer. Such stuff doesn’t do anyone any good at the bottom of a drawer, and though it’s debatable what good it does me to publish it, I have tidied it up a little for inclusion in this month’s new pages.

Internet Explorer 8 introduces a master list of registry settings for Internet Explorer. There are roughly 5,000, each now represented by a GUID. Standard handling is supported through nearly three dozen new functions, of which I have sketched some documentation for a handful. Of course, these functions aren’t the slightest use without a list of the GUIDs. Extracting that from the IERTUTIL tables won’t happen unless someone thinks a catalogue of Internet Explorer Settings is worth having as a commercial publication.


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