You’re stuck. Your programmers are stuck. You have a problem that’s in the too-hard basket. It has probably been there for a while and isn’t coming out any time soon. But it must be faced now. If the problem has anything to do with Windows programming, then I’m your guy. I thrill to the Windows programming that others give up on. Give me your too-hard basket!

If you’re a Windows programmer or you’re in the business of managing Windows programmers, then you likely have the occasional thought that the process might go easier if you could ask an expert. Perhaps you have an idea but aren’t sure how practical it would be to do or whether it can even be done. Perhaps your programmers tell you they’ll need six months just to have a prototype to show. Perhaps you already got a great idea into production but now you’re learning of problems and you’re wondering if they truly must be so hard to solve. Perhaps you and your programmers wonder every day if there’s not a better (and less exposed) source of advice than asking for free help at this or that Internet forum. Yet your need is only ever occasional. It’s never even nearly enough to justify hiring someone full-time, who anyway won’t be the most expert you can get and keep. So, consult!

After all, if you think that your software development “pushes the boundaries of operating system integration” (or some such, this being quoted from an ad by Dropbox), then your problems are already what I happily spend all my working hours solving. Who can you hope to find who’s better?

Please read more of why I think you might do well to consult me, and what sorts of things you might usefully consult me about. Be aware, of course, that I do charge fees and I have terms.