New or Updated in March 2010

Although I do not intend to publish new material on Windows until I find secure funding for full-time research and writing, I have continued the updating from December 2009 and January 2010, to account for Windows service-pack and Internet Explorer releases up to Windows 7. If you get anything of value from this updating, then please support this site. Doing so may even encourage me to move on to some real work for the site when I’m done with this bookkeeping.

The updating now has reached as far as the Internet Explorer study. To bring that study into line with others, I have added new pages that track the addition of exported functions over successive versions. This created a need for similar coverage of the Shell module PROPSYS.DLL since a selection of its exported functions are duplicated by the Internet Explorer module URLMON.DLL. In what remained of the month, I diverted into cataloguing interfaces, a few of which are substantial and even look like they may be useful.


Internet Explorer