Terms of Use

All samples at this website, whether program code or documentation, are free. You pay nothing and you are owed nothing. You take everything “as is” and you check it for yourself before relying on it in any way.

That said, I believe honestly that I have prepared all material here with at least as much care as could reasonably be expected even of commercial software or of commercial literature on programming. It is in the nature both of software development and of software analysis that there may be mistakes. If you discover a mistake and report it to me, then I shall respond at least as well as (and I hope much better than) any reputable software house would respond to news of a defect in a commercial product. However, you must understand now that although I am proud of my work, you should not think me liable for what you do with it.

Regarding the material as intellectual property, I ask first that if you use anything you find here, then please respect three requests that are surely so little burden that they ought not need mentioning in a civilised world:

In particular on this last point, it is not fair use to copy large slabs of material from here to another website even if you cite your source (which remarkably many do not).

Second, if your use of anything here is commercial, i.e., makes you money, even indirectly, as from advertising, then will you please do the decent thing and support this site financially. Either consult or recommend my consulting services whenever and wherever you can.