The MSHTML option setting RtfConverterFlags affects the conversion of HTML to Rich Text Format (RTF).

Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
Value RtfConverterFlags
Type REG_BINARY (4 bytes) or REG_DWORD
Default zero (as dword)

The key shown in the table is only where MSHTML looks for the value ordinarily. If the document host specifies an option key (through the GetOptionKeyPath method of the IDocHostUIHandler interface), then the value is sought instead from the option key. If the document host specifies an override key (through the GetOverrideKeyPath method of the IDocHostUIHandler2 interface), then if the value is given in the override key, it has precedence.

The value is read either as a dword or as 4 bytes of binary data, and is interpreted as bit flags:

0x01 enable RTF converter if the ACP is single-byte
0x02 enable RTF converter whatever the ACP

If the 0x01 bit is clear, then the RTF converter is disabled and the 0x02 bit is irrelevant. To enable the RTF converter whatever the code page, set both the 0x01 and 0x02 bits. If the 0x01 bit is set but the 0x02 bit is clear, then the RTF converter is enabled only if the Windows ANSI code page (in the sense of the Windows API function GetACP) is a single-byte character set.

The actual RTF converter is a DLL named HTML.IEC, which provides MSHTML with services through exported functions named