New in July 2016

June was my first full month of resumed work for this website after leaving full-time employment that mostly wasted my time in the crippled productivity of a noisy work culture that prefers to keep everyone frequently interrupted rather than let them concentrate on the work they’re ostensibly hired to do. Did I get too little done in June, such that my newly recovered freedom to think is illusory? Or is it just that experimenting with the presentation necessarily takes a while? Here’s what didn’t get finished well enough to show in June but is on the way now.

Some of it may be “on the way” for some time yet, for I’ve allowed myself some diversions. After all, I’m paying for it, so why shouldn’t I do just what interests me in whatever order I encounter it? The big diversion is that of documenting some native API functions. Very much more is in preparation, but I just haven’t been able to get it all ready in time: keep watching for New In August. Presentable now is what I’ve yet written about paging files and memory partitions. Especially satisfying about this combination is that paging files, of course, are ancient but memory partitions are new for Windows 10.

All pages listed below are new unless otherwise noted. Please remember, as you read any of these pages, that the analytical engine that produces them is available for consultation and job offers: you can have this experience, knowledge and skill working for you.

Kernel-Mode Windows