New in January 2011

So there I was, perusing the OSR Online site the other day. Now that I’m touting for consultation and employment, I can’t help but appreciate OSR’s list of Driver Jobs as very practical support for the demanding specialty of kernel-mode driver development. I also can’t help notice that my own website’s kernel-mode section never has got fleshed out and does not begin to convey that my recent diversion into refining techniques of reverse engineering was only ever possible, financially, because of past commercial work as a specialist in kernel-mode programming. Indeed, like many who have dabbled at reverse engineering, I only ever started it, very many years ago, as an investigative crutch for dealing with the sort of intricacies that abound when interacting with an operating system’s kernel. It’s unlikely that I’ll correct my own website’s neglect of kernel-mode programming any time soon, since I just can’t keep writing stuff for free. But I can add quickly to a small matter that I must say I did not know about until I saw it reported there at OSR Online: