New in August 2009

As mopping up from last month, a few more (mostly undocumented) shell functions and interfaces…

The documentation that I have started of what you may think are familiar SHELL32 classes is very much a work in progress. Yet even after nearly 15 years of the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panel, etc, as everyday features of the Windows shell, it looks like much is left that might usefully be documented. For instance, it seems that nobody has yet documented all the ways that Control Panel items are discovered or the means by which details about them are cached so that they can be enumerated without having to load their CPL modules. Regrettably, there’s too much of all this to organise well in a first effort at writing it up. Even what (little) you see now is at best exploratory. Pages may yet get cut up and moved around.

As incidental developments from that study, I have written up a few throw-away notes on configuring the shell.



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