The HviGetImplementationLimits function obtains the output of a Microsoft-compatible hypervisor’s cpuid leaf 0x40000005.


VOID HviGetImplementationLimits (HV_IMPLEMENTATION_LIMITS *);


The one argument provides the address of a structure that is to receive the cpuid output.


The HviGetImplementationLimits function is exported by name from the kernel in version 10.0 and higher.

Documentation Status

The HviGetImplementationLimits function is not documented.


If cpuid leaf 1 shows that a hypervisor is present and cpuid leaf 0x40000001 confirms that the hypervisor implements Microsoft’s interface—see HviIsHypervisorMicrosoftCompatible—then the function copies to the given address whatever cpuid leaf 0x40000005 produces in the eax, ebx, ecx and edx registers.

Otherwise, the structure at the given address is zeroed.