This option directs LINK to ignore the specified warnings.



At least one argument is required. All arguments must be numbers between 4000 and 4999 inclusive. It is a fatal error (LNK1147) if any argument does not evaluate satisfactorily.

The /ignore option is for the command line only. It is not valid as a directive in an object file.


In general, each of the specified warnings gets registered to be ignored. This means that should it occur, for whatever reason in whatever circumstances subsequent to the processing of this option, there will be no warning message and neither will its occurrence be treated as an error if the /wx option is active.

Unignorable Warnings

Some warning numbers are apparently too important to ignore:

LNK4017 %S statement not supported for the target platform
LNK4033 converting object format from OMF to COFF
LNK4044 unrecognized option '/%S'; ignored
LNK4062 '%S' not compatible with '%S' target machine; option ignored
LNK4075 ignoring '/%S' due to '/%S' specification
LNK4086 entrypoint '%S' is not __stdcall with 12 bytes of arguments; image may not run
LNK4088 image being generated due to /FORCE option; image may not run
LNK4099 PDB '%S' was not found with '%S' or at '%S'; linking object as if no debug info
LNK4105 no argument specified with option '/%S'; ignoring option
LNK4224 %S is no longer supported; ignored
LNK4228 '/%S' invalid for a DLL; ignored
LNK4229 invalid directive '/%S' encountered; ignored

To specify any of these in a /ignore option is not an error and brings no complaint. The specification is just not acted on. Should the specified warning ever occur, a warning message will still be displayed, and if the /wx option is active, the warning will still be promoted to an error.

Coding Error

As an aside, whichever of Microsoft’s programmers is currently in charge of LINK.EXE may care to note a small, presently inconsequential, coding error in the function that registers a warning number to be ignored. The unignorable warning numbers are defined as an array, with 12 members. In the loop that checks whether a warning number is in this array (and therefore not to be registered), the loop index presently runs to 48, i.e., to the sizeof the relevant array rather than to the number of elements in that array.

Not Quite Unignorable Warnings

For some warning numbers, specification in a /ignore option is accepted but not necessarily acted upon. Should the warning occur while the /wx option is not active, then the warning message is still displayed, but if the /wx option is active, then the warning is ignored. It is as if the warning is thought important enough to override an attempt at ignoring it, but not if the user has put too high a price on unignored warnings.

The following warning numbers are affected:

4200, 4203, 4204, 4205, 4206, 4207, 4208, 4209, 4219, 4231 and 4237

but note that 4208 can also occur in circumstances such that it is ignored independently of /wx.

Implicitly Ignored Warnings

There is presently one case of a warning being set to be ignored without the corresponding /ignore option being given explicitly. A side-effect of /subsystem:xbox is that warning 4078 gets registered internally as an ignored warning.


For who knows what reason, this obviously convenient switch is apparently undocumented. A corresponding switch for the compiler, /wd, has long been documented, as has a pragma for use in source code.

Though the /ignore switch may be undocumented, Microsoft has used it in the master makefiles for DDKs as far back as for NT 4.0. The warnings that Microsoft has found it necessary, or at least convenient, to disable in at least some cases when building device drivers over several DDK versions are:

LNK4001 no object files specified; libraries used
LNK4010 invalid version number %S; default version assumed
LNK4037 '%S' does not exist; ignored
LNK4039 section '%S' specified with /SECTION option does not exist
LNK4044 unrecognized option '/%S'; ignored
LNK4065 '%S' cannot be ordered; ignored
LNK4070 /OUT:%S directive in .EXP differs from output filename '%S'; ignoring directive
LNK4078 multiple '%S' sections found with different attributes (%08X)
LNK4087 CONSTANT keyword is obsolete; use DATA
LNK4088 image being generated due to /FORCE option; image may not run
LNK4089 all references to '%S' discarded by /OPT:REF
LNK4096 /BASE value '0x%X' is invalid for Windows 95 and Windows 98; image may not run
LNK4108 /ALIGN specified without /DRIVER or /VXD; image may not run
LNK4198 base key '%S' not found - using default
LNK4218 non-native module found; restarting link with /LTCG
LNK4221 no public symbols found; archive member will be inaccessible
LNK4235 /LTCG specified but no code generation required; remove /LTCG from the link command line to improve linker performance