New in April 2023

What can I say? All you get from me this month is a concert review, and only then sort of.

There is no end of new pages in preparation and old under editing. I won’t go as far as saying that lately none of it seems important enough to finish. There is something to that, but it’s more that none of it, despite its importance to me, holds my attention for the necessary hours of persistent concentration. The frustration of my output reminds me of the astonishly poor work environment I got years ago at the hands of a multi-billionaire’s notion (frequently expressed but surely not truly believed except as convenient ignorance) of valuing so-called knowledge workers. The difference is that my present work environment is my own provision and is as close to ideal as can be imagined, but it is instead my own head that may now be not quite capable of committing to the very particular research and writing that goes into this website. An announcement will come. Though it’s a non-research page, it too is in preparation.