New in January 2022

It must be faced, if only by me, that my recent diversions into retro-computing are no longer just diversions. I have become especially fascinated by Windows/386 as the pre-emptively multi-tasking DOS that many said they wanted but few realised they had got! Of course, they weren’t given it as DOS.

Advanced DOS users want a pre-emptively multi-tasking DOS? Let’s give it to them but only as a Windows feature. DOS is our natural monopoly but for Windows we have competition. We’ll compete better if Windows is the advanced DOS users’ path to a better DOS. Ah, but is it fair competition?

In operating systems, is Windows/386 the ground zero of possibly anti-competitive product-tying by Microsoft? This is from 1987. The program loader even has a copyright notice for 1986. I can see I may run with this idea for a while. Whether anything useful develops from that, there will at least be the fallout of technical documentation of neglected interfaces and file formats.