Updated in May 2021

Commercial work brought a welcome break from the recent web programming. Reworking the website, meaning the presentation, not the content, was long overdue and will surely bring benefits all round. Unfortunately, it has also directed me to what a mire this subject is. My obsessive mind just can’t let such things go. So the commercial work was more than unusually welcome.

As an evening’s diversion from it, I have updated the surprisingly popular list of Boot Configuration Data (BCD) settings. The page is just a list, albeit catalogued by history. That it’s by far the oldest such list on the Internet encourages in me some small fondness for it, but that it’s plausibly the most comprehensive such list on the Internet is embarrassing. On the one hand, I wonder if I should rework the page’s presentation, especially to bring its large tables under control. On the other, I have to wonder what have I achieved with any of my research and free publication: apparently not to wake up a computer industry to doing its own research, systematically, into what is still by far the world’s dominant operating system for computers.