Updated in February 2021

Ideally, what’s new for February will go unnoticed. More likely, there will be problems. The site’s scripts and stylesheets have been reworked, mostly to remove FRAMESET and FRAME in favour of DIV and fixed positioning. Perhaps more visible is a small redesign of the document panel on the right so that pages have reasonable width even when the browser is maximised on a huge monitor. At the other extreme, I’m unlikely ever to do anything much to help reading on narrow screens.

There will be tweaks on and off through the month, possibly with glitches. A revised Browser Guide summarises what I aim to support by way of browsers, and continues with some explanation of my reasoning or at least of attitudes and prejudices. Also updated is a list of Known Problems. Some have workarounds. Mostly, they are known problems in the sense that I don’t expect ever to have solutions.

Whenever I dip my toes in the muddle that is web design, I am glad of the definiteness that is available in Windows programming. The availability certainly isn’t there just from reading Microsoft’s documentation. That’s too often too poor to rely on, and too many topics are not documented at all except increasingly for incantations offered informally in some Microsoft blog. But at least there’s only the one Windows, albeit in evolving versions, and its workings are open to inspection at what I regard as within human effort.