New and Revised in December 2020

Tidying up from October and November, and still without explanation…

Some of the explanation is that a reorganisation is under way. As a side-effect of deciding to write more about how much Microsoft’s public symbol files tell of Microsoft’s organisation of Microsoft’s source code, I am revisiting the haphazard arrangement of pages about structures. For organising pages about functions, I have long—since at least 2004—taken my guidance from Microsoft’s own arrangement of functions in source files, as known from symbol files since the very beginning of Windows as its own operating system. When I started writing pages about structures, in 2016, I just ploughed ahead and left for later the trouble of fitting in with how Microsoft arranges structures in headers. But it now looks like old news that Microsoft’s public symbol files since 2012 show which headers the user-defined types came from. Time to catch up! I’m always catching up—but what is 2020, with its extended seclusion to avoid contagion, if not an opportunity to look into things that might otherwise never get done?

Many pages have moved or are moving. Most aren’t noted here. Old links should redirect automatically if you browse with scripts. The pages I list below have not only moved but have been revised more or less substantially.