New in July 2017

Continuing the revision from May 2017, however casually, inevitably produces some new work and there’s always more in progress even if I never write it up to a standard that’s fit to publish. As I keep saying, it’s just in the nature of research and writing that one thing leads to another which leads to another, etc. If you’re not always battling that in your research, then although what you do might not be without interest or utility, it is perhaps not truly research.

Amidst the practicalities of taking on paid work to fund research (and thus get hardly any of the latter done for a while), I have found time to note that although Microsoft’s list of information classes for the functions that get and set thread information has long been declared in headers for device driver programming, the declaration somehow became incomplete for Windows 10. Moreover, the continuing revision of old notes to account for an older Windows than I had yet studied shows that one information class existed only in Windows NT 3.10 such that another changed its numerical value afterwards.


Of course, one slight page is not a lot to show as new work for any month. Do I need to spell out again that good research does not get done in good quantity except if those who are good at it actually do get to do it?