New or Updated in May 2012

It’s ever more unlikely that there will ever again be anything truly new at this website. However, I do eventually collate my own current knowledge of new Windows releases, even for otherwise insignificant service packs such as Windows 7 SP1, and it’s only natural that I update its presentation at this website. After all, I myself rely on my own intranet’s copy of this website.

All links below are to pages that have merely been updated, except if noted explicitly as new. The updating is rarely more than a small edit so that Windows 7 SP1 is now included in various lists of known versions. Some few pages record this service pack’s changes to programming interfaces. The kernel exports one new function, ZwRenameKey, and NTDLL also exports only one new function, RtlCopyContext, but the latter hints at bigger changes in what’s exported from KERNEL32.


Kernel-Mode Windows