Most Viewed in September 2010

No pages at an obscure technical site are ever really hot, but many nowadays attract more than 100 views per month. There are nearing 2,000 pages at this site. Most are very detailed descriptions of functionality in Windows. Though they are the sort of thing that may be the key to some advanced programmer being able to complete his work, they are beyond arcane to everyone else. I am astonished that any of these pages get looked at even once a day.

This site had 13,782 visits in September 2010, from 10,335 unique visitors. For the last two months or so, many pages that used to get most of their visitors from the results pages of Google searches, as with Missing Icons in Notification Area, are no longer listed at all by Google. Server logs confirm that such pages aren’t being read by Google. Quite why Google has stopped finding these pages, I have no idea. All I can do is jiggle things in the hope that Google starts seeing what it has stopped seeing. Ah, the mysteries of software run at servers! Looking ahead to the wonders of cloud computing or even just of software as a service, I must ask: why do we want a world in which all software, or all that matters, runs at servers, beyond inspection?

There follows a list of pages that were each viewed at least 100 times in September 2010. The faded titles are just index pages which I presume are viewed only or mainly on the way to others, especially while moving from one Table of Contents to another. Two of these index pages are just the skimpiest of placeholders, pending my writing an introduction. The rank in brackets is from the previous month.

Rank Page Views
1 (1) Licensed Memory in Windows Vista 8,287
2 (2) Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst 1,518
3 (3) Win32 439
4 (4) Kernel 374
5 (5) Licensed Processors in Windows Vista 316
6 (10) Installed License Values 312
7 (8) Notes 306
8 (7) Edit Boot Options in Windows Vista 285
9 (9) Visual C++ 243
10 (10) Shell 234
11 (14) Internet Explorer 199
12 (13) ZwQueryLicenseValue 194
13 (12) What’s New? 186
14 (20) About This Site 167
15 (21) Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure 158
16 (18) Boot Options: pae 147
17 (22) The Advanced Boot Options Menu in Windows Vista 142
18 (22) Boot Configuration Data (BCD) 140
19   Memory Limit for Hibernation Support 132
20   C1XX Errors 126
21   Software Analysis 125
22   HAL Versions 120
23 (17) The First Run Page in Internet Explorer 119
24   Kernel Versions 117
24   Understanding (Terms) 117
26   LINK /COMMENT 115
27   Support This Site 114
27   Windows Kernel Exports 114
29   The Windows Explorer Command Line 113
30   Boot Options: truncatememory 112
31   Viewing the Firmware Memory Map 108
32   Consultation 107
32   Feedback 107
34   SHELL32 Functions 103
35 (18) BCD Elements 101