The MI_PARTITION_PAGE_LISTS structure exists only within an MI_PARTITION. It is 0x06C0 or 0x0CC0 bytes in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, respectively.

Offset (x86) Offset (x64) Definition
0x00 0x00
MMPFNLIST *FreePagesByColor [2];
0x08 0x10
SLIST_HEADER *FreePageSlist [2];
0x40 0x40
MMPFNLIST ZeroedPageListHead;
0x80 0x80
MMPFNLIST FreePageListHead;
0xC0 0xC0
MMPFNLIST StandbyPageListHead;
0x0100 0x0100
MMPFNLIST StandbyPageListByPriority [8];
0x01C0 0x0240
MMPFNLIST ModifiedPageListNoReservation;
0x0200 0x0280
MMPFNLIST ModifiedPageListByReservation [0x10];
0x0340 0x0500
MMFPNLIST MappedPageListHead [0x10];
0x0480 0x0780
MMPFNLIST BadPageListHead;
0x0494 0x07A8
MMPFNLIST *PageLocationList [8];
0x04B4 0x07E8
ULONG volatile StandbyRepurposedByPriority [8];
0x4D4 0x0808
KEVENT MappedPageListHeadEvent [0x10];
0x05D4 0x0988
MI_DECAY_TIMER_LINK DecayClusterTimerHeads [4];
0x05E4 0x09A8
ULONG DecayHand;
0x05E8 0x09B0
ULONGLONG LastDecayHandUpdateTime;
0x05F0 0x09B8
MI_LDW_WORK_CONTEXT LastChangeLdwContext;
0x0640 0x0A00
ULONG_PTR AvailableEventsLock;
0x0644 0x0A08
MI_AVAILABLE_PAGE_WAIT_STATES AvailablePageWaitStates [2];
0x066C 0x0A48
ULONG_PTR LowMemoryThreshold;
0x0670 0x0A50
ULONG_PTR HighMemoryThreshold;
0x0680 0x0A80
ULONG_PTR volatile TransitionPrivatePages;
0x0684 0x0A88
BOOLEAN RebuildLargePagesInitialized;
0x0688 0x0A90