Public Travel Logs

Internet Explorer 4.0 introduced travel logs to model a navigation of potentially many URLs with the thought of sometimes moving backwards and forwards through the set. However, there seems to have been some reluctance to expose travel logs to general use. Microsoft prefers that programmers access travel logs through an extra layer that simplifies the functionality.


The public travel log, whose implementation is named CPublicTravelLog according to Microsoft’s published symbol files, exposes the one interface:

Where any of the methods of this interface provide access to an entry in the log, they produce an ITravelLogEntry interface. Some methods create an enumerator, which exposes an IEnumTravelLogEntry interface.


To have a browser create a public travel log, query the browser for its SID_STravelLogCursor service.


Public travel logs are supported in SHDOCVW version 5.00 and higher, and in IEFRAME version 7.00.