ITravelLogEx :: InsertEntry

The InsertEntry method creates a new entry and inserts it into the travel log relative to a specified entry.


ITravelLogEx :: InsertEntry (
    IUnknown *punkRelativeTo,
    ITravelLogEntry *ptleRelativeTo,
    BOOL fPrepend,
    IUnknown *punk,
    ITravelLogEntry **pptle);


The punkRelativeTo and ptleRelativeTo arguments specify an entry relative to which the new entry is to be inserted. The default is to insert relative to the current entry. The new entry is inserted before or after the relative entry, depending on whether the fPrepend argument is TRUE (non-zero) or FALSE.

The punk argument provides the travel log client’s callback interfaces.

The pptle argument provides the address of a variable that is to receive a pointer to (the ITravelLogEntry interface of) the new entry.

Return Value

The function returns zero for success, else an error code.