MSHTML Classes: COmNavigator


coclass: HTMLNavigator {FECEAAA6-8405-11CF-8BA1-00AA00476DA6}


The table below lists the interface members that the COmNavigator class exposes as properties through its string table. Properties that Microsoft does not list in the HTML and DHTML Reference are highlighted yellow. Properties that are listed but not as applying to the navigator object are shaded yellow.

Property Interface Member
appCodeName IOmNavigator get_appCodeName
appMinorVersion IOmNavigator get_appMinorVersion
appName IOmNavigator get_appName
appVersion IOmNavigator get_appVersion
browserLanguage IOmNavigator get_browserLanguage
connectionSpeed IOmNavigator get_connectionSpeed
cookieEnabled IOmNavigator get_cookieEnabled
cpuClass IOmNavigator get_cpuClass
javaEnabled IOmNavigator javaEnabled
mimeTypes IOmNavigator get_mimeTypes
onLine IOmNavigator get_onLine
opsProfile IOmNavigator get_opsProfile
platform IOmNavigator get_platform
plugins IOmNavigator get_plugins
systemLanguage IOmNavigator get_systemLanguage
taintEnabled IOmNavigator taintEnabled
toString IOmNavigator toString
userAgent IOmNavigator get_userAgent
userLanguage IOmNavigator get_userLanguage
userProfile IOmNavigator get_userProfile