MSHTML Classes: CIsIndexElement

An instance of the CIsIndexElement class is created for each ISINDEX tag.


coclass: HTMLIsIndexElement {3050F278-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}
dispinterface: DispHTMLIsIndexElement {3050F519-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}


The table below lists the interface members that the CIsIndexElement class exposes as properties (methods, collections, etc) through its string table in addition to the very many properties that are common to all elements.

Properties that Microsoft does not list in the HTML and DHTML Reference are highlighted. Properties that are listed but not as applying to the isIndex object are shaded yellow. Since there are quite a few on both counts, please be reminded that appearance in the list below does not mean that the property is usefully or even meaningfully accessible in scripts: it means only that as far as the MSHTML implementation is concerned, a name is provided and an attempt at access does get handled, but perhaps trivially.

Property Attribute Interface Member
action same IHTMLIsIndexElement get_action
appendChild   IHTMLDOMNode appendChild
attributes   IHTMLDOMNode get_attributes
childNodes   IHTMLDOMNode get_childNodes
cloneNode   IHTMLDOMNode cloneNode
firstChild   IHTMLDOMNode get_firstChild
form   IHTMLIsIndexElement2 get_form
hasChildNodes   IHTMLDOMNode hasChildNodes
insertBefore   IHTMLDOMNode insertBefore
lastChild   IHTMLDOMNode get_lastChild
nextSibling   IHTMLDOMNode get_nextSibling
nodeName   IHTMLDOMNode get_nodeName
nodeType   IHTMLDOMNode get_nodeType
nodeValue   IHTMLDOMNode get_nodeValue
ownerDocument   IHTMLDOMNode2 get_ownerDocument
parentNode   IHTMLDOMNode get_parentNode
previousSibling   IHTMLDOMNode get_previousSibling
prompt same IHTMLIsIndexElement get_prompt
removeChild   IHTMLDOMNode removeChild
removeNode   IHTMLDOMNode removeNode
replaceChild   IHTMLDOMNode replaceChild
replaceNode   IHTMLDOMNode replaceNode
swapNode   IHTMLDOMNode swapNode
uniqueID   IHTMLUniqueName get_uniqueID
uniqueNumber   IHTMLUniqueName get_uniqueNumber