MSHTML Classes: CHTMLNamespace


coclass: HTMLNamespace {3050F6BC-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}


The table below lists the interface members that the CHTMLNamespace class exposes as properties (methods, etc) through its string table.

Properties that Microsoft does not list in the HTML and DHTML Reference are highlighted. There is only the one. Microsoft’s documentation of the IHTMLNamespace interface in the MSHTML Reference says that this property is “not currently implemented”, which indeed it is not.

Property Attribute Interface Member
attachEvent   IHTMLNamespace attachEvent
detachEvent   IHTMLNamespace detachEvent
doImport   IHTMLNamespace doImport
name   IHTMLNamespace get_name
onreadystatechange same IHTMLNamespace get_onreadystatechange
readyState   IHTMLNamespace get_readyState
tagNames   IHTMLNamespace get_tagNames
urn   IHTMLNamespace get_urn