ShowHTMLDialog (
    HWND hwndParent,
    IMoniker *pMk,
    VARIANT *pvarArgIn,
    PWSTR pchOptions,
    VARIANT *pvarArgOut);


The work of the ShowHTMLDialog function is essentially that of ShowHTMLDialogEx with HTMLDLG_MODAL as its only set flag, except that the former performs OLE initialisation and the latter COM initialisation.


The ShowHTMLDialog function is exported from MSHTML by name in versions 4.71 and higher.

The Windows SDK provides a prototype in the MSHTMHST.H header file, but it is not immediately useful to programmers because the SDK does not supply any import library for resolving a natural call to the function. Instead, the SDK tells programmers to write some supporting code that uses LoadLibrary to load MSHTML.DLL, and GetProcAddress to locate the function, and then the helpfully provided type SHOWHTMLDIALOGFN for an indirect call to the function. This is all plainly silly and anyone who anticipates doing this work more than once would obviously do better to synthesise the missing import library.