Search This Site

This temporary page is intended to test a search engine that this site’s hosting service has already installed at the server. If I ever find documentation for that search engine, especially for how to control which files it indexes, let alone how it presents its results, then some sort of search box may graduate to what is presently empty space at the bottom right of the banner. If you want a better design or better engine, then write to me to tell me that a search facility is really wanted.

Results appear in a separate window or tab. While the results window is kept open, it gets reused for later searches.

Matches are shown only by their title and some sort of score. The rest of what the search engine would show for each match seems to be always the first text from the page. That can’t be very useful in general. At this site, it’s very nearly useless since almost all pages have a common banner (though on most pages you only see it when JavaScript is disabled).

Matches that are labelled as Untitled are nothing but FrontPage metadata as stored by Expression Web (which, for better or worse, is used as the HTML word processor for the material at this site). Just ignore them.