Updated in August 2018

Updated in August 2018

I’m aiming very deliberately this month to do nothing substantial. Getting those articles on driver signing into something like publishable form for July was more than enough work for a while, especially considering what exhaustion awaits me when I inevitably return to writing up the vast amount of research that those articles only begin to hint at.


Among the more popular pages at this website is the list of boot options such as can be set as Boot Configuration Data via Microsoft’s BCDEDIT tool. It’s just a list of which options have any known recognition—as opposed to having Microsoft’s formal support—in which versions. Still, you can’t even ask what a boot option does without first knowing that it’s something to ask about. To find just which options BCDEDIT recognises—which is not the same as finding all that are defined—is mechanical work but is evidently not so easily automated that Google knows (today, 12th August) of even one page that contains “hypervisordebugpages” or “windowssyspart” or “osarcdevice” or…

Now that those notes are up-to-date for the 1803 release, I might easily not revisit them for another few years!

Kernel-Mode Windows

A few pages in some larger work that I’m actually quite proud of (and more than a little mystified to see has received very little attention) turn out to have an unusual error. For two years, I had KSE_COLLECTION as Microsoft’s name for a structure that Microsoft in fact names KSE_HOOK_COLLECTION. The applicable pages have always stated where I got the name from. I just transcribed the name incorrectly. That happens sometimes. The brain wants to miss things. Today, for instance, I wrote Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementSettingData instead of Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementServiceSettingData—and that was in notes for paid work! KSE_HOOK_COLLECTION is nothing like as long, so I don’t know how I got it wrong. That I did get it wrong is far from good, of course, but it could have been so much worse. I’d have been very, very embarrassed if it had not been my writing that’s defective but my research: what if I had got the name right but the content wrong?

From that question and a look on the Internet for other research on this topic, you can perhaps tell that there’s a story to how I cam to look again at these pages and notice that I had mis-transcribed the name. Let’s just say I’m mulling how much of that story I want to tell, and how I might tell it.